Monday, June 4, 2012

challenging yet precious...

Wow! Where do I even begin?! This past month has definitely been the most challenging, but I would not change it for the world. What I have experienced in this past month has grown and stretched me in a way I never knew was possible. This past month brought with it a horrible viral throat infection that called for my first trip to a local doctor and 3 series of shots. Praise Jesus, all went well, and I’m finally back to normal! The past couple of weeks have been the most challenging as they have been filled with some pretty tough parent conferences. I am not one to love meetings in general, but especially when it’s with the parents of my students. I had my last of the parent conferences last week, and praise Jesus they all went well. This past month has also brought with it tons of stuff to be done outside of the normal papers to grade and lessons to plan. In just one week we begin finals, in a week and a half my precious 6th graders will graduate, and in 2 weeks school is out for the summer! With that comes a ton to do, and it all leaves me to wonder if I’ll even survive it all.  Thankfully I am making pretty good progress on all that needs to be done and am slowly beginning to see a glimmer of light!

Although this month has been challenging, it has also had its sweet moments as well. I have continued to see my sweet Jesus work not only as I teach, but also as the new ministry, Soul Expressions, begins to take its first steps. I am beyond excited and overwhelmingly blessed to inform you that beginning this Saturday, Soul Expressions will finally move from just simply being an idea on paper to us actually loving on some sweet children! This Saturday we will begin working with the AsociaciĆ³n obras del EspĆ­ritu Santo, and I could not be more excited! This Saturday will be more of a “sit back, take it all in, begin to build relationships with the kids” kind of day. We are still in the process of figuring out what exactly Soul Expressions looks like as far as exact specifics on what we will be doing with the children. At this moment, all we know for sure is that we have a large group of some incredibly precious kids that we want to love on like crazy and share Jesus with through art and that’s exactly what we are going to do! Your prayers are greatly appreciated more than ever as we jump out on faith and Soul Expressions begins to take its first steps in the direction in which God has called us! 

As challenging and nerve-wracking as this past month has been it has also been the sweetest in that I have experienced the peace and love of my Jesus in the sweetest of ways like never before. He truly has given me strength like no other and has carried me through each and every day. Thank you all so much for your unending prayers and support as I continue on this beautiful journey that my precious Jesus has blessed me with! I am forever grateful for each of you!

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