Wednesday, August 1, 2012

sweet summertime.

7 months have officially come and gone, and I could not be happier with how they have been. I still can’t fully grasp the fact that I am here living out my life long dream! This past Friday was the final day of summer English classes and was spent playing at the park. It was nice to get out of the classroom and let the kids run and play. I must say, I enjoyed having a tiny group of 5 students compared to the usual 18. My students were the absolute sweetest, and I will actually have 3 of them in my class this year!

Even though English classes have ended I am continuing to work this week, getting my classroom ready for the new school year. I am also teaching a Bible class this week for the kids who are still in summer school. I’m excited to be able to teach a small group again and just enjoy talking about Jesus and who He is and His love to these sweet kids.

Once this week ends I will have 4 weeks off before beginning the new school year! I’m happy to say that 2 of those weeks will be spent in Bama! I look forward to seeing my sweet family and precious church family after having been gone for 8 months.

As you know, Soul Expressions has officially launched! We are absolutely thrilled to see this dream come true and have continued to enjoy spending time with our precious kids. For more info, updates, and photos of our precious kids please visit our blog at:

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and support over the past 7 months! I am continuing to enjoy each second here in Costa Rica, and I look forward to more of this beautiful journey! I truly am grateful for each of you!

Here’s a few photos from our day at the park… enjoy! 

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