Thursday, November 8, 2012

it's completely worth it...

I’m in awe of how my God used the craziness of a presidential election to capture the heart of one of His children in the most beautiful way! 

This morning at work I was talking with a mom, and she said that she and her children had talked about the election on their way to school yesterday morning. Her youngest child had asked her several questions regarding the election, and the mom explained t

hat although we must respect our president, we cannot place our faith in him or the government; that we must place our faith in Jesus, and when we ask Him into our hearts He becomes the President of our hearts. The mom went on to talk about what it means to acknowledge that we are yucky sinners and place our faith in Jesus. She then asked her youngest child what she thought about placing her faith in Jesus, and the child said that she wanted to think about it. The mom said that was fine, and she explained that placing her faith in Jesus and accepting Him into her heart was between her and Jesus. She explained that she didn’t need mommy or daddy there; that she could ask Jesus to be the President of her heart and place her faith in Him whenever she felt was the best time.

They eventually arrived at school and went through the day as normal.

On their way home from school her youngest child said she needed to tell her something. The mom asked her what, and her child told her that she had asked Jesus into her heart during school!

To see first hand Jesus use the craziness of a presidential election to capture the heart of one of His children is beyond amazing, and at the end of the day, if all that comes out of the craziness of a presidential election is this precious child accepting Jesus then it is completely worth it!

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